About Us

T.E. Briggs Construction Company is very proud to be celebrating its 25th year in business.

Tracy Briggs is the owner and President of T.E. Briggs and grew up in the construction industry. Construction first peaked his interest at a very young age when he was able to run heavy equipment as soon as somebody would let him in the seat. He is a third generation contractor that learned from the best, construction runs through his blood.  Although he does not really have the time to jump on the iron today, he still understands and has the same passion as he did working those long hours in the machines. Today, he uses his knowledge from the field and many years of experience to understand all aspects of his business, making his clients’ plans come to fruition, for a very long time.

T.E. Briggs Construction Company has been in business for 28 years. We have an extensive background in the residential construction industry and have constructed projects with over 220 lots. As the owner and founder of T.E. Briggs, Tracy feels that he and his team’s abilities suit his clients extremely well. The company is large enough to handle most anything and small enough to give the personal attention required on every project. Tracy is not only a contractor, but a developer as well. His particular skills have made him successful in taking a piece of property and seeing it through to the Final Plat.

25 Years Working Experience

Our Company

T.E. Briggs Construction Co. was established in 1993, and specializes in infrastructure construction for residential plats and subdivisions.  We have become a leader in underground utility construction and plat development with projects ranging from short plats to 220+ building lots.

T.E. Briggs is highly capable of taking a project from the initial permit stage, all the way through final platting.  We are small enough to give personal attention to your project, however, we are large enough to handle any size project, from 4 to 250 lots.

The name T.E. Briggs Construction Co. is recognized in the industry for both quality and performance on every project that we do.

We Have High Employee Standards

Our Team

T.E. Briggs Construction Co. was established in 1993 by a third generation contractor, Tracy Briggs.  Our management team represents hundreds of combined years of experience on the job.

We have high employee standards and a strict code of conduct. Each of our staff members are hand picked by management.  They too represent some of the best in the industry.  Over the years, a number of whom have started at the bottom, have become lead personnel.

Do it Right, Do it Once

Our Mission

The T.E. Briggs mission is to provide quality underground utility and earth working services for Developers and Builders.  Diligently work in the best interest of our Client.  To employ the best people. Exercise the best methods of todays construction environment with the highest level of Customer Satisfaction.

Our goal is to do it right and do it once!

Leader in Underground Utility Construction

The team at T.E. Briggs is thrilled to provide each and every client the professionalism and quality of work that they pride themselves in, on every project. With the incredible experience our company holds, we are confident our clients will be pleased with the end result of their project and be happy they hired our team.

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