Our Services

T.E. Briggs Construction Company, Inc. is located in Edmonds, Washington and provides services to the entire state. T.E. Briggs is an essential part in plat development. 

Plat Development

We take care of everything for our client from the permit stage to final plating and everything in between. We do excavation, site prep, utilities, and everything to get our client’s project to completion.

Subdivision Infrastructure

We take pride in helping our clients by consulting through the feasibility study phase and value engineering, providing them a punch list to get their project to completion including streets, sidewalks, street lights, utilities, etc. We have the capability to complete all sewer, storm, and water utilities for each of our clients.


We provide all types of earthwork for our clients, such as, but not limited to: clearing of trees, rocks, brush, and stumps; excavation; and leveling and grading of land.


We do all kinds of roadway, sidewalk, and driveway work needed for our client’s project; such as improvements, paving, and concrete flatwork.

Leader in Underground Utility Construction

The team at T.E. Briggs is thrilled to provide each and every client the professionalism and quality of work that they pride themselves in, on every project. With the incredible experience our company holds, we are confident our clients will be pleased with the end result of their project and be happy they hired our team.

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